As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, Voeller and Associates takes a moment to reflect on the most engaging and insightful blogs that captured the attention of our readers in 2023. In this recap, we present the top-viewed blogs in reverse order, offering a journey through the valuable content that resonated with our audience.

We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming year, but for now, here's the best of 2023 cued up just for you...

5. Why a Hands-On Demo Should Be Part of Your Foodservice Equipment Procurement Process

solutions.voeller.comhubfsWhy a Hands-On Demo Should Be Part of Your Foodservice Equipment Procurement ProcessBuying commercial foodservice equipment is not as simple as just adding a product to a digital shopping cart and clicking "purchase." Because this equipment is essential for the success of a restaurant or other operation, owners need to test it before deploying it during a lunch or dinner rush. 

Fortunately, many equipment purveyors offer hands-on demonstrations for operators, even for used machinery. Let's break down the reasons why you should consider scheduling a foodservice equipment demo to help solve your commercial kitchen challenges.

4. Three Benefits of a Good Wine Display

3 Benefits of a Good Wine Display For many restaurants and bars, beer and wine sales are the cornerstones of their bottom line. However, when it's time to increase wine sales, many operations may feel like they're struggling for display and merchandising ideas. Fortunately, one of the simplest and most effective means of boosting wine sales is with a high-quality and visually appealing wine display, and we've found one that takes versatility to another level.

How does a wine display help increase sales? Let's break down the top four ways.

3. Brand Spotlight: BUM Outdoor Furniture

bum outdoor furnitureAs we approach the summer months, more and more diners will look for opportunities to eat outside amongst other patrons who love the warmer weather. The popularity of al fresco dining is reason alone to capitalize on the profitability of outdoor dining, but how can operators help attract these types of customers? It all starts with creating comfort.

2. What Is Blast Chilling?

what is blast chillingBlast chilling and shock freezing technology has transitioned from a luxury item to an absolute necessity. Blast chilling and shock freezing can allow the operator to help mitigate staffing shortages by speeding up production times, taking ownership of food costs by extending shelf life, and allowing for better production management with freezing capabilities that allow for true long-term storage.

1. Labor Shortage Trends in the Restaurant Industry

Labor Shortage Trends in the Restaurant IndustryDespite a viable recovery in many other sectors, the restaurant industry has not recovered from the pandemic in most states, especially in the Pacific Northwest. There, restaurant labor trends indicate labor shortages persist, and restaurant owners struggle to cope with the increasing demand for food services with a persistent shortage of workers.

This creates an ongoing burden of not only labor shortage but high turnover on short notice and the expenses incurred when training new employees -- employees that don't necessarily stay around for long. In many cases, existing staff take on the burden of attempting to fill the labor shortage gaps, and they burn out after being overworked.

When it comes to restaurant recovery and labor, Seattle specifically ranks as the fourth hardest-hit city, with Portland ranking third. In a changing business landscape affected by pandemic woes and rapid social change, many Seattle storefronts struggle to stay open -- including restaurants.

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