Buying commercial foodservice equipment is not as simple as just adding a product to a digital shopping cart and clicking "purchase." Because this equipment is essential for the success of a restaurant or other operation, owners need to test it before deploying it during a lunch or dinner rush. 

Fortunately, many equipment purveyors offer hands-on demonstrations for operators, even for used machinery. Let's break down the reasons why you should consider scheduling a foodservice equipment demo to help solve your commercial kitchen challenges.

Better Understanding of the Equipment

Seeing photos of commercial foodservice equipment is far different from seeing it in person and watching it in action. For example, it's hard to visualize how big or small something is online until it's right in front of you. Also, watching a hands-on demo means you get to see how it works and whether there are any complex steps involved. It's important to consider who will be using the machinery and how often - does it require a training manual, or is it easy to learn?

Personalized Guidance

You know your foodservice operation better than anyone else, so it's imperative to ask questions and find out as much information about a machine as possible before finalizing the sale. Usually, equipment demonstrators are intimately familiar with the inner workings of the device, so they can answer any questions you have, as well as provide valuable insight into how to make the machine work best for your operation. In some cases, doing a demo may help you decide to upgrade or find something else that can meet your needs. 

unox van voellerReal-Time Problem-Solving

Some machinery offers "plug-and-play" adaptability, meaning you just have to put it in place, connect any utilities, and you're ready to go. However, high-tech foodservice equipment may have extra features or processes that require training and maintenance. During a hands-on demonstration, you can spot any elements that seem like they would be confusing or hard to master for your crew members. Then, you can troubleshoot potential workarounds or figure out how to translate the necessary information to the crew once the machine is installed. 

During the demonstration, you can also determine whether there will be any snags during the installation and setup process. For example, maybe the machine is larger than you anticipated, so it'll be harder to get into the kitchen. Now's the time to figure out these solutions - not when you need to start using the equipment. 

Improved Confidence in Decision-Making

We've all experienced buyer's remorse after purchasing something, only to find out that it doesn't work as well as it should. A hands-on demonstration shows you what to expect from the equipment, so you can feel confident about closing the deal. If there are any questions or concerns, you can address them during the demo so you're not left with any lingering doubts afterward. 

Hands-On Learning

Even if you're an experienced line cook, some foodservice equipment may come with extra features or add-ons you might not recognize. For example, if you're buying a ventless grill or oven, it may have multiple cooking options that can streamline your operation. Overall, it's best to see and touch these elements yourself, so you know what to do when the machine is in your kitchen. Watching a video or reading a manual is less effective than operating the real thing.

Mobile Abilities

We know that our territory is large and vast. We are excited about the new UNOX van that allows us to bring that test kitchen experience directly to the dealer or end user. Whether it's brainstorming menu development on-site together, or running a staff training, our experienced team is ready to problem-solve some unique solutions together with you today. Or, for more variety, our Voeller test kitchen has even more training possibilities; the test kitchen offers a unique opportunity to try out equipment first-hand, allowing you to experience the benefits of the equipment and get a feel for its functionality. By booking a demo, individuals can get an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of the equipment, which can help you make informed decisions about what equipment best suits their needs

Book some time in our test kitchen or with the UNOX van by clicking the image below.

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