Indoor events are back! After several years of avoiding gathering indoors, hosts are ready to start celebrating big. From weddings to bar mitzvahs to family reunions, the influx of events is on the rise. Here are some ways that Forbes Industries can help hotels and venues pull off successful events every time.

Hotels need to be on top of the increase in events - 2022 was the busiest wedding season in almost 40 years as many of the nuptials put off for two years were finally re-scheduled. It's possible that 2023 might not be quite as busy as last year. But there is still a backlog of couples that weren't able to book a venue, along with all the new couples who've gotten engaged. Look for them to be reserving reception space well into 2024.

Other live indoor events are looking to make a big comeback as well, including family reunions, bar mitzvahs, and more. On the professional front, tradeshows are also expected to be returning to in-person venues with gusto. Many are ready to start face-to-face networking again, and in one survey, almost all participants said they're ready to forgo virtual events in favor of live ones.

With all this in mind, now is the perfect time to prepare venues for the cascading influx of live in-person events. Any equipment purchases or updates that could stand to be put off during the height of the pandemic are going to be necessities to hospitality businesses in 2023. Especially in places like Washington state, which is listed among some of the best states for the wedding industry.

Celebrate with Happy Hour

What's a celebration without a cocktail or mocktail to raise for a toast? For any type of event, Forbes Industries has designed the perfect selection of mobile bars. Select from elegant wood bars in a wide variety of styles. Or opt for an LED light model with various colors and effects selected by remote control. Perfect for setting the mood for that couples first dance. Forbes Industries also offers bars outfitted with under counter refrigeration and locking storage compartments to keep products cool and protected. 

Serving the Best Meal

There’s no doubt about it: the best events have great food. Choose from a selection of handsome buffet stations available in a wide range of wood finishes. Features such as soup wells, carving stations with heat lamps, hot food wells, ice pans, and induction ranges allow for any type of cuisine to be served right in front of guests. And with connectability features,  buffet stations can be built up to the exact needs and space available for each event.

Showing Dance Moves

When it's time to get on the dance floor, having safe flooring is most important. Transform any event space into a dance floor easily with Florlok and Multilok dance flooring. These high-quality dance floor tiles interlock without hardware or tools in about 10 minutes and can be disassembled even faster. It's also easy to transport the flooring tiles to and from spaces easily with a dance floor transport cart, perfectly designed for the unique size and shape of the tiles. 

Spotlight on the Stage

Forbes Industries also provides the stage accessories necessary for setting up performance spaces. Find different sizes of mobile stages perfect for musical performances, dance performances, and speaking events. Remember to order ramps for setting up heavy equipment easily on stage. Find stairs with and without handrails for performers and speakers to make their way up to the stage. And, of course, the perfect size transport cart to aid in speedy setups and breakdowns.

Is your hotel or hospitality venue ready for an influx of indoor events? Click below to get more information on how to make sure every guest feels special. 

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