The overall look of a hotel is part of a great guest experience. The flow and branding create guests’ first impressions. So every detail counts. But the last few years have been tough on the hospitality industry due to factors like covid, inflation, and gas prices, to name a few. And some businesses have felt the need to dial back on budgets.

Fortunately, CBRE predicts a lodging market recovery in 2023. Concerns over covid are receding, gas prices are improving, and people are feeling optimistic about employment rates and economic growth. Now is a great time to catch up on renovations and add updates that previously went on the back burner. Hospitality businesses can count on Forbes Industries to source accessories that help hotels and hospitality venues run smoothly.

About Forbes Industries

For over 100 years, Forbes Industries has been the United States leading manufacturer of hospitality and food and beverage products. That’s because Forbes Industries has been committed to innovation as well as quality. It all started in 1919 when the Forbes brothers crafted equipment carts for Hollywood film productions. Their products were such a hit on film sets that the company expanded the business to other industries, including hospitality. The Forbes brothers’ talent for developing mobile products lives on today in hotels across the world. Still made in California, Forbes Industries’ high-quality products are in demand at hotels throughout the globe.

A Bellman's Best Friend

Speaking of innovation, Forbes Industries is behind the iconic birdcage luggage carts seen in so many hotels today. Whether operated by a bellman or the guests themselves, the luggage cart is one of the first experiences a guest will have of a hotel. Hospitality businesses should make sure they choose luggage carts built with quality that lasts and good looks to match.

Keeping The Room Organized

Once guests are settled in, help them have a tidy experience in the room with a handsome and sturdy luggage rack. Forbes Industries offers selections in both steel and wood. And help hotel staff give guests the best service with a wide variety of housekeeping carts. Motorized options are available, as well as motorized add-ons to most housekeeping carts with 8” wheels. Additionally, hotels can choose from an array of laundry carts, garment racks, towel carts, and more to provide guests with a great experience.

Catering For Events and Room Service

Room service is one of those quintessential luxuries guests love during a hotel stay. Ensure that the room service experience exceeds expectations with the proper equipment for the job. Forbes Industries offers In-room dining accessories such as attractive room service carts and tables. Serve up piping hot dishes to guests with the aid of our hot boxes and hot box transfer carts.

And create a comfortable in-room dining experience with Forbes' large selection of serving and nesting tables. Having the right tables for catering events helps staff easily set up in different spaces throughout the hotel, with the help of grab & go stations, folding tables, and nesting tables. 

Ready to learn more about how Forbes Industries can make your guests feel more comfortable? Click below to get started. 

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