Many commercial kitchens are looking for ways to reduce their overhead expenses, and one common target is energy bills. By investing in energy-efficient commercial kitchen ventilation hoods, commercial kitchens can cut their expenses and improve their bottom lines. Commercial kitchen hoods tend to consume more energy than almost any other appliance on the market, and they typically come with an expensive price tag.

Now, Streivor has introduced SmartAire Technology which enhances a hoods ability to capture and contain cooking affluents. Streivor wall canopy hoods with  SmartAire provide the most efficient hood design available on the market today, drawing praise from professionals and executives across the industry. What’s under the hood with Streivor?

About Streivor

Streivor was founded in 1989, and is one of the most trusted names in the commercial kitchen hood industry. While kitchen ventilation designs have changed significantly since that time, the company has remained true to its vision focusing on innovative engineering, top-notch customer service, and quality products.

Streivor’s innovative product designs have continued to lead the hood industry in new directions. Its hoods with SmartAire Technology are now among the most in-demand products in the commercial kitchen hood industry.

SmartAire Saves Energy

By including SmartAire, commercial kitchens can maximize their hood efficiency. These versatile hoods are specifically designed to be installed above numerous cooking appliances that involve different cooking techniques at various temperatures.

SmartAire saves money with the lowest exhaust flow rates in the industry, meaning efficiency is maximized and energy usage reduced. This also makes Streivor hoods the most environmentally-friendly hoods on the market.

Due to SmartAire technology, the airflow in each segment of the hood can be adjusted independently of the other segments. The SmartAire airflow can be increased or decreased at will, finding the right airflow for the right appliance and cooking technique. Furthermore, containment panels can be attached to any Streivor hood adding additional hood efficiency.

Balancing Dampers

Streivor hoods feature UL 710 Listed manually adjustable balancing dampers that are installed in the hood’s exhaust collars. The balancing dampers can be adjusted from underneath he hood. 

These low-profile dampers can be locked and unlocked from under the hood, eliminating the need for to access the top of the hood for adjustments. Because the dampers are internally adjustable, it makes it easier to fit the hood in tight spaces or enclosures.

The opposed damper blades come with precision adjustments, placing the user in total control of the dampers themselves. These dampers are UL 710-approved for Type I hoods and grease ducts.

It’s All In The Grease Filter

Streivor hoods also are fitted with patented non-loading high-velocity cartridge grease extractors. The grease filter provide the ultimate layer of fire protection and consistent high-efficiency 24/7/365 grease extraction.

Demand Control Ventilation

Demand control ventilation is the best way to maximize energy efficiency in the commercial kitchen. With Streivor’s novel Demandaire technology, sensors are optimally placed throughout the hood that monitors the hood and cooking appliances.

The Demandaire system automatically makes exhaust and supply fan speed adjustments to meet the specific demand of the cooking appliances. Eliminating the need to run the exhaust and supply fans at maximum speed even when not required by the cooking appliances.

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