Venancio manufactures cutting-edge commercial ranges from their Brazilian headquarters, units that have been used by more than 10 million foodservice operations worldwide. With warehousing capabilities in Texas, their units are readily available in the United States. But what makes Venancio so compelling? Let's look a little deeper at the different series offered by Venancio.

venancio range series

The Venacio Genesis Series

The Venancio Genesis Series of commercial ranges are perfect for fine dining establishments and premium hotels. The models in this series include the Range with Convection Oven, the Combo Range, the Hot Plate, and the ST Oven. The variety of Genesis Series models is intended to provide a complete line of ranges and ovens that will increase food production. But before we dig into the different options, let's discuss what makes the Genesis Series different.

The Genesis Series from Venancio contains the VT burner models, which received a Kitchen Innovation Award at the National Restaurant Association Show. VT burners come standard in Venancio's Genesis Series. They're desirable because they're just as fast as ceramic shields for infrared burners, but they're more durable, inexpensive, and they cut gas consumption compared to standard burners. Genesis contains a two-speed fan that, with the flip of a switch, allows the unit to become a standard oven. No other manufacturer offer this capability but Venancio.

Let's take a look at the different options:

This series includes the Genesis Range with Convection Oven, which provides extra versatility. This model includes a two-speed oven, though users can simply flip a switch to enable single-speed operation.

Small foodservice establishments that only need one piece of cooking equipment should consider the Genesis Combo Range. This model can be specified with various combinations of standard ovens, convection ovens, burners, and even a griddle.

The Genesis Hot Plate works for foodservice establishments that do not have the room to add another full-size range. It features several different configurations of cast-iron burners.

The Genesis ST Oven features eight cast-iron burners. It also has two standard ovens below. These ovens are great for foodservice establishments that regularly cook bread and pastries.

The entire Genesis line uses gas very efficiently. This can help restaurants save money. Venancio has even posted a calculator on their site so foodservice professionals can compare the gas usage of Genesis models and other cooking equipment.

The Venancio Restaurant Series

The Venancio Restaurant Series is for any restaurant that needs a full selection of high-quality, cost-effective cooking equipment. The models in this series include ranges, combi ovens, and fryers. The Restaurant Series includes countertop equipment like a griddle, a charbroiler, and a hot plate.

Along with the Genesis Series, the Restaurant Series also has notched and welded frames. This leads to a level of durability that the leading, "high-end" range manufacturers cannot offer.

The Venacio Prime Series

The Venancio Prime Series is a full spectrum of cooking equipment that is intended for value-conscious foodservice establishments. The Prime Series is best for small to medium-volume kitchens. Restaurants that make all types of food are covered by the wide selection of models in the Prime Series, which includes ranges, combo ovens, and fryers. The countertop models in the Prime Series include a charbroiler, a stock pot, a hot plate, and two griddle models. One of these griddles is manually operated, while the other is thermostatic.

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