Chicken is the most popular protein on American dinner tables, making it one of the most profitable items for restaurants, grocers, and other foodservice providers.

Over the last few decades, chicken consumption has increased by more than 70 percent, and of all the chicken eaten in the United States, rotisserie-style chicken has become one of the most popular. But how can it be cooked easily and efficiently?

How Rotisserie Chicken Can Help Business

As inflation drives up food prices, many families are finding creative ways to stretch their food budgets. Roasted chicken from the local grocery store deli is always a great option. These pre-cooked chickens are usually affordable, and for operators, they can be easy to prepare.

There are two ways to look at store-cooked roasted chickens in terms of profitability. Chicken can certainly garner higher price points than many other types of prepared foods, but at the same time, some operators may consider lowering prices or even selling rotisserie chicken at a loss to drive traffic. The grab-and-go option for rotisserie chickens means less labor to get them into customers' hands. For grocers who offer lower prices on special nights, customers will inevitably pick up pricier side dishes or even a bottle of wine to pair with the chicken, which drives up the store’s profits. Customers benefit because roasted chicken is flavorful and fast, and for operators, cooking it in a combi oven can take a regular chicken to the next level.

Using Combi Cooking for Chicken

Combi ovens are a great option for roasting chicken because they can use convection technology and steam cooking within the same cook chamber. This keeps the interior of the chicken moist while allowing the skin to crisp up, as so many customers desire. With a combi oven's steam capabilities, in particular, heat will seek out the areas of the protein that are still uncooked, leading to a product that is evenly cooked throughout.

Combi Cooking with UNOX

Roasting a chicken to perfection is simple with UNOX professional ovens. They are designed and manufactured for high-quality results using intelligent technology to bring food to the right temperature without sacrificing flavor.

The CLIMALUX system measures humidity, controlling steam levels. The AUTO.Soft system monitors temperature and keeps adjusting it throughout the cooking process for even heating. Each oven has a grease containment system, so deli workers can keep the fat and use it for other dishes like soups.

In some cities, business owners must collect grease so it doesn’t get into the sewer system, causing backups. UNOX ovens have a grease containment system that will let businesses comply with these regulations.  

A combi oven is the best solution for creating rotisserie chickens that offer quick and delicious dinner options to customers. Once they’re in the store, they will likely be inspired to shop for other items and may keep coming back for more chicken, no matter what night of the week.

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