A few years ago, the team at Voeller and Associates decided to make a New Year’s resolution. It happens to be the one we’ve been unblemished at keeping. What was it? To never make another New Year’s resolution. Instead, we decided to make commitments. What’s the difference? In essence, a resolution is an act of determining the best path forward, while a commitment includes the emotional dedication to make it happen. We prefer to make things happen, and that’s exactly what we’ve done for more than 30 years. Now, we’re planning to grow that foundation in the New Year.

So what is our big commitment for 2022?

To be more valuable for our customers by providing better information in the ways you want to digest it

As you can see, Voeller got a makeover with the revamping of our new website. We understand chefs and restaurateurs, school nutrition directors, and facilities managers, all like to research in their own time. This means it’s important to provide information at all hours of the day, not just when it’s convenient for our staff in the office.

As part of our new digital presence and transformation, the commitment to content is the central one. We have a long history of working with end-users and of representing some of the best foodservice equipment manufacturers in the world, and connecting those two parties can only be done through information and content, whether delivered directly by one of our salespeople or on our website as a new blog post or video.

Voeller is committed to quality, and we hope you’ll explore our site over the coming months and years to learn exactly what that means. When we say we offer high-quality foodservice equipment, it’s not just hyperbole. It’s the truth. And with that truth also comes the obligation to make sure certain solutions are right for a given application, because not all are. It’s our job to make sure a solution works for you - rather than creating more work.

Thanks for being great customers and partners with the Voeller team. Over the coming months and years, we hope you’ll find our new commitment to content, to provide important and relevant information, as a benefit as you look to grow the capabilities of your foodservice operation.

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