As spring and summer draw near, hotels and wedding venues gear up for a surge in weddings. With couples favoring summer months for their special day due to warmer weather and more flexible scheduling, the demand for event space increases, creating challenges for hotel management and hospitality kitchens. Overcoming these hurdles requires strategic solutions and the appropriate equipment tailored specifically for the wedding season.

Trends in Wedding Season Preparation

Alcohol has traditionally held a place at weddings, with champagne toasts and a bar for guests. But food and drink are becoming even more entwined with wedding planning and events. Trends like specialty cocktails and tasting menus with paired wines and liquors are becoming more popular at weddings. Couples like using food and drink to help tell their story and excite their guests.

Hotels and wedding venues need to prepare for these alcoholic beverage trends. Not only do venues need to ensure that licenses are up-to-date and serving staff have been trained, but they also need to improve methods of distribution and delivery of drinks. Creatively optimizing delivery, preparation, and drink appearance helps make the day even more special for couples and their guests.

Have the Right Refrigeration for Food Safety

One big thing to keep in mind at a wedding is food safety. Ensuring that food is kept at the right temperature, whether hot or cold, is crucial. Any items that enter the food danger zone risk becoming contaminated with bacteria, which can cause severe illness. And no one wants sick guests (or a sick couple of honor) to be the memory of their wedding day. Maintaining food safety standards and using the best commercial refrigeration to meet those requirements is essential for a wedding venue's success.

Serving Solutions for Buffets

Offering versatility for wedding receptions is an important part of wedding packages, which means having custom solutions on hand for every size and style of group. 

From custom carving stationsportable champagne cartsmixology carts, and even dance floors, having the right accents to enhance a wedding reception can mean the difference between being fully booked or scrambling to make profits. 

A final important consideration for venues is ensuring the correct seating configuration for any location with any number of guests. Having custom staging and seating solutions is more than guaranteeing everyone has a chair. It's also about protecting serving staff so they can navigate around tables. The arrangements must also complement the venue and decorations. 

Collaborative Triumphs: Uniting Hotels, Norlake, Forbes Industries, and Outdoor Furniture Suppliers

When quality products and equipment are on hand, wedding venues can tie multiple solutions together for an optimal event. With help from Norlake, Forbes Industries, and outdoor furniture suppliers like BUM and emu, hotels will know they have the pieces they need to make every wedding special and unique for couples.

Have the right equipment to help host the best weddings of the season:

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