In the foodservice industry, food sustainability and efficiency go a long way toward the success of a business. A key strategy to achieving these goals is integrating the best equipment in a food storage process.

For perishable foods, the benefits of blast chillers are many. They maintain optimal temperatures via automated monitoring systems, ensuring a longer shelf life for food items while contributing to labor savings. Choosing the most suitable blast chiller can translate to reduced food waste and higher profitability. 

MultiFresh Next from Irinox provides chilling technology that optimizes food freshness and reduces waste. Whether the business is a foodservice space in a hotel, university, or restaurant, MultiFresh Next can serve sustainability and efficiency needs well. 


The Magic of Batch Prep

As a fundamental practice in the food industry, batch prepping enhances efficiency and contributes to sustainability, which benefits the business and its customers. Today's blast chillers allow chefs to prepare larger batches of food or ingredients in advance and store them without sacrificing the quality of the food or the taste. 

Food waste accounts for  30-40 percent of the food supply in the United States. Finding ways to mitigate this waste is good for foodservice businesses and the environment. Smart food prepping using the sustainability of MultiFresh Next provides a solution to reducing food waste. Plus, foodservice establishments will be able to gain or maintain customer satisfaction by ensuring their foods have consistent flavors and quality. This is especially important for businesses with standardized menu items or franchises, where customers expect the same outcomes regardless of location.

The large capacity of the MultiFresh Next chiller allows for batch processing of multiple food items simultaneously. This eliminates the need for multiple chilling cycles and saves hours of labor.

Maximize Freshness with Intelligent Climate Management

Preserving the taste, texture, and flavor of the foods offered is as important to customers as it is to the business. A controlled environment helps meet those goals with blast chilling and shock freezing.

MultiFresh Next offers intelligent climate management by directly taking hot food from the heat source and chilling all items with 2-inch thicknesses or less below 40 degrees within 90 minutes. Shock freezing can be done in 4 hours or less for those same items.

Keeping foods at the current temperature will not only reduce waste but put a smile on the face of the customer and keep them coming back. Maintaining the freshness and visual appeal of food items are just some of the benefits of blast chillers. 

Avoiding the Danger Zone

Rapidly lowering food temperature to safe levels can prevent spoilage caused by bacterial growth and enzymatic reactions. Bacteria can double in as little as 20 minutes, which makes maintaining proper food temperatures all the more critical. This is made possible with MultiFresh Next by allowing kitchen managers to oversee equipment operations with ease of intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface.  

MultiFresh Next from Irinox quickly moves food through the "danger zone" of 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit. This minimizes bacterial growth that can affect the food's aesthetic appeal, quality, and safety. To ensure foods are chilled as needed, Next offers a customizable display to allow for ease of monitoring whether the staff is onsite or monitoring it remotely. Once programmed, the chiller can handle repetitive tasks with precision and accuracy, reducing labor hours.

Irinox's MultiFresh Next provides a solution to increase production, maintain product freshness, and reduce food waste, keeping customers satisfied and boosting profitability. 

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