Among the various safety concerns in the back of the house, air quality emerges as a critical issue. The significance of proper ventilation in commercial kitchens cannot be overstated, and Streivor Hoods, equipped with patented airflow technology, offer a robust solution to ensure optimal air quality. By efficiently removing grease, heat, and smoke, these hoods mitigate fire hazards and safeguard the health of kitchen personnel.

Why Hoods Are the Unsung Heroes of Commercial Kitchens

While all hoods are required to protect from fire and promote health and safety, not all hoods are energy efficient. When a ventilation system becomes not just a necessity but an asset, it can become a hero in the back of the house.

Why? Energy-efficient hoods save money. A properly installed commercial hood will hook directly into your HVAC system. Whether you're adding the hood to a new or existing ventilation system, some of the most significant savings in cost and energy happen at the hood. This is due to the ideal capture and containment airflow level when the hood is ventilated correctly. Ultimately, the right hood is literal overhead that can save you figurative overhead. Add on the positive environmental impact of energy-efficient ventilation, and the result is net positive for foodservice operators.

Why Streivor?

High-quality, modern, efficient commercial kitchen equipment can help restaurants saveStreivor-logo-inc-sm money over time. A commercial hood such as the Streivor Air Systems hood with SmartAire Technology can dramatically increase energy efficiency and safety while reducing the threat of potential downtime that can cost a business. Look for a high-velocity, low-volume air stream combination in a commercial hood like the Streivor model. Because each airflow can be adjusted individually and optimized with add-on panels, kitchen staff can optimize airflow and achieve up to an additional 33 percent reduction in the exhaust rate.

Streamline Maintenance for Long-Term Reliability

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of ensuring the continued efficiency and reliability of kitchen ventilation systems. Streivor Hoods streamline this process with ExtractAire technology, which simplifies the cleaning of grease traps and filters. By making maintenance tasks more accessible and less time-consuming, ExtractAire technology encourages regular upkeep, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the hoods and ensuring consistent performance over time.

Optimize Energy Efficiency with On-Demand Controls

Energy efficiency is a key consideration for any commercial kitchen operation, as it not only reduces operating costs but also minimizes environmental impact. Streivor Hoods address this need with on-demand controls that allow users to optimize ventilation while minimizing energy consumption. Through advanced programmable logical control (PLC) and variable frequency drivers, these hoods can adjust airflow in real time, maximizing energy efficiency without compromising ventilation effectiveness.

Additional Benefits of Streivor

Low-velocity ventilation is a great way to gain LEEDS points for a building. This means adding ventilation systems like those from Streivor can help increase the intrinsic values of a property. In addition, the level of efficiency created by Streivor ventilation systems leads to lower make-up air requirements, saving even more electricity by reducing the need to condition that air.

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