As the warmer months approach and outdoor dining and leisure become increasingly popular, the importance of well-appointed patio furniture cannot be overstated. Outdoor dining is a proven method for attracting new and returning customers during the summer months, and of all the top tips for setting up an outdoor dining space, tables and seating are as important as any.

The Types of Outdoor Patio Furniture

emu outdoor furnitureWhen it comes to outdoor patio furniture, there are many options to consider. One crucial aspect is providing sufficient shading to shield patrons from the sun's rays and create a comfortable environment. This includes sturdy bases and high-quality umbrellas, which are almost always recommended for midday dining. Other outdoor equipment needed for successful foodservice include tables, chairs, and benches for seating and dining. Other helpful items could be serving stations and bars.

With so many options available in various shapes and sizes, it's important for every operator to ask some critical questions. Are traditional table, high tops, or a combination of both desirable? What types of seating will best accommodate the tables? Is shade required? What about table sizes? It's always helpful to have resources and full catalogs like those at emu® outdoor furniture to ensure success.

Design and Style Considerations for Outdoor Dining

bum commercial furnitureBars, restaurants, and hotels face important decisions when selecting patio furniture that complements their brand and ambiance. From choosing between armchairs and side chairs to selecting the right umbrellas and lounge seating, every detail contributes to the overall design. Companies like Bum Outdoor Furniture offer versatile solutions for businesses with diverse outdoor amenities, including patio bars, outdoor dining areas, and fire pits, allowing for seamless integration of style and functionality.

When dining al fresco, it's the little things that can make the difference. This means it's important for operators to first consider the big stuff -- table locations, serving areas, etc -- before filling in the gaps with other details.

Benefits for Bars, Restaurants, and Hotels

The benefits of investing in quality outdoor patio furniture extend beyond mere aesthetics. For bars, restaurants, and hotels, outdoor seating options provide opportunities for expanding capacity, particularly during peak seasons. Moreover, well-designed outdoor spaces can enhance the overall ambiance, attracting more patrons and fostering a memorable customer experience.

By investing in quality products that meet the specific needs of their business, bars, restaurants, and hotels can create inviting outdoor spaces that enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. Whether it's a cozy patio bar or a sprawling outdoor dining area, the right patio furniture can elevate any outdoor space into a welcoming oasis for patrons to enjoy year-round.

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