Supermarkets and grocery stores have seen significant changes during the past few years. Now, many grocery store managers are looking for ways to save time and money, particularly with rising product costs. One of the best ways to do so is to invest in an ideal packaging solution. With vacuum sealers for grocery stores, operators can reduce overhead expenses, save time, and boost profitability. Let's take a look at why.

Why Should You Vacuum Pack Food?

There are several reasons grocery store operators and managers should vacuum pack their foods. First, it extends shelf life. With vacuum packaging, supermarkets and food producers can help ingredients last longer by removing them from air exposure that causes them to go bad. Retail grocers can also increase quality and safety with vacuum sealing by preventing cross-contamination, which can help customers and handlers stay safe. Furthermore, vacuum sealing can also protect food against dehydration, which can have a significant impact on flavor and yield. Vacuum sealing can also reduce the chances of freezer burn and mold, impacting food quality and safety.

With vacuum sealing, grocers can also store different foods together. They don't have to worry about the flavors of different foods contaminating other products, as the vacuum sealing will prevent this from happening. Vacuum sealing can also make it easier for foodservice professionals to transport food from place to place. It is relatively easy to stack vacuum-sealed food on top of one another, and because they have been vacuum-sealed, they will not take up as much space. 

Vacuum sealing also increases flexibility in food packaging. With only a single machine, it is possible to use vacuum seals to pack different products together, regardless of how much food has to be sealed. Because this is one of the most versatile products on the market, foodservice professionals and managers must make sure they choose the right machine to meet their needs.

Chef Prepared Food with Ready Chef Go

Now, Henkelman is also pioneering a shift in the grab and go concept. Grab and go meals have become significantly more popular during the past few years, and grocery store owners and managers should consider using vacuum seals to place meals that are ready to cook in a single back. Regardless of whether the food is going to be tossed in the oven, microwave, or on the grill, vacuum sealing makes it easy to infuse a variety of flavors, tenderizing or infusing meals with the necessary ingredients before vacuum sealing. 

With access to a strong vacuum seal, the shelf life is extended, making it more convenient for customers. Many people are interested in cooking more, but they might not have the time to do so. When all of the ingredients are already measured out and provided in a single bag, it allows people to save time while still cooking at home. To get the most out of this concept, the Henkelman CombiVac can help.

CombiVac in a Supermarket

Even though the main benefit of a vacuum sealer is that it can extend the shelf life to ensure food quality, there is so much more the Henkelman CombiVac can do. With CombiVac, it is possible to infuse, tenderize, and marinate foods as a part of the process, leading to various possibilities that make food preparation easier.

The Advanced Control System, when combined with CombiVac technology, allows users to take full advantage of everything the innovative system brings to the table. It saves time, creates new opportunities, and boosts customer satisfaction rates.

With the grocery and supermarket fields more competitive than ever before, store managers and owners need to use every tool at their disposal. With access to the best vacuum sealing equipment, including the Henkelman CombiVac, managers and owners can stay one step ahead of the competition.

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