A lot has changed in the K-12 school segment over the past few years. One area that has seen many changes is the school cafeteria. School nutritionists and their staff have had to learn how to quickly distribute multiple meals daily with new restrictions that may also slow them down. And while some of those changes were temporary, many are here to stay. So how can a school cafeteria adapt, evolve, and help students get healthy meals to help them thrive?  LTI has several solutions to help. 

The changes that happened because of covid have impacted school cafeterias in many ways. To help spread socially distance children in the cafeteria, there may be more lunch servings. Labor shortages have impacted production levels. Universal feeding has increased, which means feeding more children. And while people have tried to pivot and serve things differently, that isn't sustainable. School cafeteria solutions from LTI have provided versatility because if the children can see it and reach it, they're more apt to purchase. 

Keeping Meals Visually Appealing

Eating is something that is done with a combination of senses and many chefs say 'we eat with our eyes first.' That's especially with smaller children who might be more selective with their lunch choices. Letting them be able to see what is being served is important so that they will eat enough and have enough energy to continue through the school day. The LTI TempestAir allows refrigerated pans to sit flush with the countertop and even has a sloped pan option to display the menu items better. Giving children a better view of the tasty meals in front of them. 


Keep Food At The Right Temperatures

Maintaining food at the correct temperature, whether that's hot or cold, is extremely important. Foods that enter the Danger Zone can allow bacteria to grow rapidly, causing foodborne illnesses. Younger children are especially susceptible to getting sick when eating contaminated foods because their immune systems aren't as developed. Keeping food in a school cafeteria at the right temperatures can help eliminate some of those illnesses. The LTI QuickSwitch is the only hot, cold, and frozen convertible in the industry. That means that each serving well is independently controlled. So a school can have soup right next to a salad that has hot spaghetti sauce on the other side. All in the same unit. Able to switch over from each temperature range within an hour lets schools with different age levels easily change menu items or quickly go from breakfast to lunch at the flip of a switch.

Get Turnkey Solutions To Serve Better

When trying to get equipment on site, having turnkey solutions can help schools outfit their cafeterias quicker. LTI Serving Counters are flexible and convertible options that help save energy. With heated and refrigerated bays, modular serving counters, custom designs, and tray sliders to move the line along, the options are endless. Helping your school cafeteria get children fed every day. 

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