The cannabis industry has been one of the fasting growing in the history of the United States. We went from full criminalization to medicinal to recreational in a matter of just a few years in many states. In other states, these trends are quickly catching on.

Since the beginning days of the legalization movement, the Pacific Northwest has been at the forefront of the industry, and those industry-leading ideas are still paving the way today. From cannabis cafés and bus tours to restaurants and creative wellness centers, how consumers experience cannabis is continuing to evolve. Growers and operators are looking for a way to capitalize, and much of it revolves around one simple concept – yield.

At the end of the day, the important number for growers is how much crop does that day yield. When growers and operators can turn the crop in a grow room four times a year versus three, that leads to revenues that are 25 percent higher. To say yield is important is an understatement. In fact, it’s pretty much the most important aspect of any cannabis business.

How Refrigeration Plays a Role in the Cannabis Industry

When someone says refrigeration, the ultimate image is food and beverages stored on shelves and racks. The reality is, in the cannabis industry, refrigeration can simply mean creating the ideal temperature and humidity levels to grow and process marijuana plants. Growing temperatures should be just a few degrees lower than 80ºF, while humidity levels should be controlled during the drying process. There are many more factors to yield such as light and pest mitigation, but as it relates to air, temperature and humidity are two of the most important.

Norlake walk-in coolers can provide the necessary framework for creating high-yield grow spaces. With polyurethane foamed-in-pace panels for reliability and standard deadbolt-locking handles for extra security, Norlake units can be easily configured for cannabis production. Temperature control is critical, and LogiTemp™ Electronic Controller Systems can deliver.

Another form of valuable refrigeration in the cannabis industry is blast chilling. For those familiar with foodservice, one of the most logical applications is the production of edibles, particularly those comprised of chocolate. Blast chillers from Irinox can also quickly preserve cannabis flower for use in the future, as well.

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