When it comes to the foodservice in hospitals and healthcare facilities,  there is no such thing as being too careful. Not only are these institutions responsible for providing nutrition to vulnerable populations, but the nutrition they provide is also at times a necessary part of the health plan.

These facilities also provide nutrition to the staff serving the patients and visitors as well. This creates a very diverse set of needs. It is imperative that food and nutrition teams have the proper equipment to provide the best possible service to both patients and faculty.

The food service in healthcare facilities is an essential part of the healthcare plan as well as the faculty experience for those who work in the facility. Let’s look at some of the challenges that healthcare facility foodservice teams face and some of the companies that seek to solve these challenges.


One of the biggest concerns in the healthcare foodservice sector is that of safety. When you discuss safety in the foodservice sector it's not referring to security, but rather safety from health threats. Food safety is top of mind for every employee of a healthcare facility. 

One of the ways to provide health safety is with the use of food shields. Food shields like those produced by BSI Designs provide the utmost protection. Now more than ever, it is critical that there be a layer of protection between customers, food, and attendants. Food shields provide that layer of protection by cutting down on contamination and increasing the integrity of the food being served.

Without working refrigeration, food quickly enters the danger zone, endangering those who are ill or elderly and have weakened immune systems. Utility refrigerators offer flexibility, exclusive features, and innovation to appliances that are at the top of the chain in keeping food safe. With reach-ins and undercounter units available, in addition to traditional units, there are plenty of options to keep food safe no matter where you need refrigeration.



Another major concern for today’s foodservice teams is finding and implementing equipment that will last. Our economy is changing drastically, and it is imperative that health care facilities can provide equipment that can be depended on. Equipment that is easily maintained and known for durability helps healthcare facilities use their budget more wisely.

Equipment created from stainless steel is durable and easy to clean and sanitize. Specializing in custom foodservice equipment, LTI offers a healthcare line that's no exception. Custom serving counters, temperature-controlled wells, and merchandisers all allow for front-of-house solutions to make the experience for visitors, patients, and staff more enjoyable. 

Voeller - LTI Countertops

For back-of-house, BSI offers workstations, cold pans, drains, and drain-tech sinks all in stainless steel fabrication. Helping make it easier to prep and clean up. 


Closely related to the need for durability is the need for affordability. Healthcare facilities, like all businesses, look for ways to stretch budgets, without compromising on the safety of their patients and residents.

One thing that healthcare operations have that traditional restaurants do not is an on-site maintenance team. Having quick access to this team allows hospitals and long-term care facilities to purchase equipment that can be kept up and not routinely replaced. Helping save money in the long run. 

On top of reliability, having a dependable warranty program like the one provided by Utility Refrigeration can help even out costs. 

When shopping for food service equipment for the healthcare industry, safety, durability, and affordability should be at the top of the list of priorities. The food service of your health care facility is too important and deserves only the best.

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