The taste of a freshly squeezed glass of juice is something that can start the morning off right, or in a great cocktail, help wrap up the end of a perfect evening. Whether squeezing fresh orange, lime, grapefruit, or lemon juice, a Citrus America juicer can help differentiate your restaurant, hospitality venue, bakery, or bar from the rest.

About Citrus America

In 2010, Citrus America founder, Brian Framson, was in Austria and discovered it was much easier to grab a glass of fresh orange juice there than it was when he was in Florida. Once he started investigating, he learned from foodservice employees that the citrus juicing machines in the states were hard to maintain and repair. That put Framson on a quest to find the right equipment to make it easier for foodservice businesses while helping them serve plenty of fresh juice. Citrus America was born. 

A Juicer For Every Need

Having a juicer on-site sets your foodservice operation apart from the competition. What's not good, though, is having equipment that is often out of service, which results in lost sales and repair costs. 

Citrus America juicers help combat these challenges with their 2-Zone Technology. By separating the engine zone from the food zone, what comes into contact with the juice and pulp of the fruit can be removed and sanitized easily in a sink or commercial dishwasher. By removing this aspect of the juicer, it helps keep engine parts clean and dry.

Citrus America juicers are available in various sizes depending on your business's needs. Limited on space and need a compact juicier? The Revolution has a compact footprint without compromising performance. It's also great for squeezing pomegranates to use in specialty cocktails. 

For self-serve options to use during brunch or in a hotel hospitality area, the Fantastic F uses a high-capacity hopper, so constant reloading of fruit by staff isn't necessary. Squeezing juice in advance to fill carafes or individual glasses? The 8000XB holds a 5-liter juice tank for easier filling. 

Create A Voeller Tested Drink

By using freshly squeezed juices in drinks and recipes, businesses can promote healthy eating choices while providing guests with tasty options to help upsell and increase profits. Here's a recipe that we've tested with a Citrus America juicer that will quench your customers' thirst and leave them wanting more. Add a little gin or vodka to spice things up on the bar menu. 


Find out how Citrus America can set your beverage menu apart from the rest. Click below to get started.

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