A high-quality oven is one of the necessities of any foodservice business. It is imperative that the oven can produce consistently good results in as little time as possible. That helps facilitate the smooth operation of the foodservice business. Also important? Being able to do multiple tasks in one unit like the Unox Speed.Pro Oven.

Introducing The Unox Speed.Pro Oven

The first baking speed oven on the market, the Unox Speed.Pro Oven cooks food quickly with three different modes. With the ability to cook and bake via convection, microwave, and conduction, the Speed.Pro can help restaurants and other foodservice businesses do more with less. 


In convection mode, the Unox Speed.Pro has the ability to do something that no other convection oven does - bake! With a large cavity to bake a variety of different frozen items, the Unox has a double-speed fan to perfectly brown the tops of buns, croissants, pizzas, and other baked goods. In fact, the Unox Speed.Pro takes it one step further and allows the operator to cook 4 sandwiches at one time!


With the microwave mode, the Speed.Pro uses internal heating to cook menu items thoroughly and evenly. Allowing you to cook hamburgers, chicken, and steaks or heat up par-cooked and prepped items easily. 


Looking for that crisp finish for the bottoms of your sandwiches or pastries? Using the Unox Speed.Pro oven with conduction creates crusty toasting by contact with a cooking plate. This mode also helps finish off portioned items of soups, proteins, and vegetables. 

Speed Oven Makes A Difference

One thing that differentiates the Unox Speed Oven is its double-speed fan. This fan creates even air circulation, achieving beautiful browning consistently and eliminating the issue of hot spots. When the Unox Speed Oven is in SPEED mode, the people using it can cook four separate items at the same time. They can even start cooking these items at different times and still receive consistently exceptional results. The Unox Speed Oven accomplishes this thanks to its ADAPTIVE. Cooking and MULTI.SPEED technologies. 

This oven is also ventless, meaning it does not require a hood. Additionally, all ventless ovens are electric, so the Unox Speed Oven is also environmentally-friendly, as well. One can cook four varieties of sandwiches with the Unox Speed Oven. The oven remains at working temperature, even when it is on standby so that it can heat food in seconds all the time. That is one way this oven can bake when other similar ovens cannot. 

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