With time, convenience, and nutrition among the largest areas of concern in the K-12 space, having a solution that addresses each area can make a difference. Combi ovens combine cooking with steam and convection to keep food quality consistent and healthy.

What Is Combi Technology?

Being able to cook on one device saves space, time, and money. A combi oven combines a variety of cooking styles together to make things simple. This increases the number of selections that can be served, reduces the space needed to create great meals, and requires less energy than using multiple appliances.  

Benefits Of Combi Cooking For Schools

With a reduced footprint and energy savings, the school can direct those costs to other areas of need. Additionally, with one appliance to use, meals can be prepared faster with more flavor in an energy-efficient space.


By using dry heat, bread and meat can be cooked in the same area. Additionally, this oven can fry or roast items without compromising flavor or consistency.


Dishes can be steamed, maintaining the true flavor of the vegetables or other items. Dishes can be cooked slowly or fast while the oven keeps the food flowing in large quantities. This ensures all students can enjoy a fresh, hot, and healthy meal without worrying about time constraints. Because the meal is being prepared in one place under one device, the likelihood of one portion of the meal not being complete is alleviated.

With the two combined, the food is flavorful and tender. This keeps food from drying out and increases food consumption among students.

How UNOX Combi Oven Can Help K-12 Schools

The disparities in school food environments are glaringly obvious across districts. An innovative step in the right direction toward combating complaints about the way foods are served in the K-12 market, the UNOX Combi Oven elevates the quality and way food is prepared while leveling these disparities.


Able to accommodate different pan sizes, it's also easy to clean, saving time for kitchen workers. K-12 schools limited on space can use the combi oven while using different cooking techniques. This adds variety to the types of food students are exposed to and served, creates opportunities for healthier foods, and alleviates the need for multiple appliances.

Food programs are enhanced by cutting the time and money needed for expensive equipment and additional workers. Lunch and breakfast options can be delivered with efficiency, increased productivity, and higher food quality. There is no limit to the variety of foods that can be prepared in less time with less energy. Schools that must cater to specific dietary restrictions have the flexibility of cooking at different temperatures or can add new offerings that were unable to be added due to time constraints or lack of equipment.

Schools can benefit from the different styles and cooking options, creating a new form of cooking that offers healthy choices to students and staff. One of the most effective advantages of the combi oven is the technology that allows the food service director to program and set the controls on their phone, ensuring food is ready when needed. When staffing shortages arise, the unique cleaning system can also be programmed to clean with soap and be ready to use again.

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