Creating a bar from scratch that will accommodate your bar, restaurant, or hotel's configuration can be a tough task. Add to the mix getting a design to facilitate crowds and the volume of product estimated to be consumed. Every last detail from glass placement to drainage will be taken into account and thoughtfully planned out. Building a bar from the ground up using Glastender can make the task much easier. 

A family-owned company that has been creating foodservice equipment for over 50 years, Glastender makes configurable, made-to-order bars. No matter the style or how it's set up, their bars help staff work more efficiently and serve drinks quicker. 

Underbar And Cocktail Stations

For locations that have a traditional bar, having an underbar station can help with organization and speed of service. By having a place for every item, and having them laid out in a fashion that gets drinks created quicker, staff can improve customer satisfaction. Helping to increase tips and profits. 

Safety is important to Glastender. So not only are their underbars constructed of stainless steel to provide resistance to corrosion, but welded construction eliminates sharp edges while the seamless top and backspace help with cleaning and sanitation.

Having the right pass-thru cocktail station helps streamline things for the bartenders and servers to make sure customers are getting those mixed drinks faster. And a shared workspace separate from a traditional bar allows for time saving service by having servers wash glasses and prep orders while bartenders only have to worry about mixing drinks. 


Customization is also important when selecting an underbar. Having the right tools is the best way to make amazing drinks. With blender stands, beer and wine taps, ice bins, drawers, workstations, and refrigeration units, building a unit that works specifically for your business is easy and cost-effective. 

Having a customized bar from Glastender also allows for designs that have ergonomically placed sections, which also helps prevent injury to staff and reduces worker compensation claims. 


Stainless steel construction throughout the units ensures that Glastender bars have longevity the competition doesn't and the interlocking construction adds strength to corners. 

Also adding to the durability of the equipment is the ease of cleaning. Accumulated dirt can deteriorate parts so having radius corners, a one-piece backsplash and work surface, hand-sized gaps for cleaning, and seamless welded sinks help with sanitation and meeting health code requirements. 

Find out how Glastender can help your bar area become more efficient and profitable by taking our free kitchen review below. 

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