With high-quality, innovative solutions that meet foodservice merchandising demands, Federal Industries is a leading manufacturer of food and beverage display cases that accommodate every application. Whether it's a c-store, a quick service restaurant, or an elementary school cafeteria, merchandisers from Federal are designed for durability.

Why is Federal worth considering? They are guided by seven key values that create the Federal advantage. These values include green manufacturing, an energy conservation approach, in-house powder coating, clear coil refrigeration design, excellent customer support, breadth of offering, and end-user focus to ensure our customers always receive the best food merchandising displays available.

Merchandising Solutions for a Variety of Foodservice Operators

With a multitude of hot and cold foodservice merchandising options, Federal Industries is sure to have the perfect display for every establishment, including:

Merchandisers for C-Stores

As quick, convenience store food options grow in popularity, more and more companies are searching for reliable displays to grab the customer's attention and increase sales. Federal Industries offers a variety of hot and cold display options for every c-store’s merchandising needs. For example, the highly popular Vision Series Hot Self-Serve Heated Merchandiser offers an adaptable, energy-conserving display guaranteed to keep food fresh and warm. This display case is open and well-lit, so customers can easily view the available food options to encourage impulse purchases, which are critical for profits.

Food and Beverage Cases for Schools

With long lines and little time, grab & go dining is essential for K-12 education, making merchandisers from Federal a great addition to any school’s cafeteria. For example, Federal Industries’ Refrigerated Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser makes cold food and drinks easily accessible. Likewise, the Vision Series Hot Self-Serve Heated Merchandiser openly displays warm foods, making it perfect for grab 'n go options. Both food merchandisers are fully customizable with designed-to-order graphics and provide an innovative, eye-catching solution to a school cafeteria’s dining experience.

Chain Restaurant Food Displays

Quick serve and fast food restaurants can leverage grab 'n go as part of their efforts to increase sales. As customers frequenting these chains expect fast service, great food merchandising is essential. Federal Industries has many effective options for chains looking to upgrade their foodservice merchandising. For instance, Federal’s Refrigerated Self-Serve display features open shelves to make browsing simple and quick. In addition, this display can be placed near a register to encourage last-minute purchases for customers who may be in a rush.

Select Your Perfect Federal Product.

With countless high-quality food merchandisers to choose from, Federal Industries has the right display for your needs. Whether a c-store, school, or foodservice chain, a merchandiser from Federal assures an innovative solution for hot and cold foods. Federal Industries’ extensive selection of counter-top, grab & go, endcaps, and self-serve island models will surely suit your unique foodservice needs. 

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